Who Are We and What Makes Us Different?

The Canadian Grenadier Guards (CGG) is a primary infantry reserve unit.

The Reservist work schedule is perfect for students or those seeking a part-time job.

We employ mostly students and young professionals, since Reservist employment is primarily during the summer but also part-time 1-2 weekends and 4 days per month.

Reservist employment with the Canadian Grenadier Guards offer much more than simply learning how to shoot a rifle or camouflage oneself, although you will also learn that.

We teach you how to be disciplined, organized, work in a team. We give you leadership skills, and reward you for your abilities. These are all skills that one needs to be successful in civilian life. Not only does being a reservist improve your skills in civilian life but in joining the Canadian Grenadier Guards you join a family. You will be part of a regimental family that will help you and support you in your civilian life. The CGG also actively participates in community service functions, distributing food for Sun Youth, and aiding the public during national disasters. Not only will you be contributing to your society, but what other part-time job actually helps you stay in shape?

Public Duties in Ottawa: Earn up to $10,000 per summer!

One of the main tasks of the CGG is that of Ceremonial Guard in front of the parliament in Ottawa. You may have seen us in parade formation and on guard wearing the bearskin fur hats for which we are recognizable throughout the world.

Fulfillment of public duties in Ottawa is one of our most important functions, we can therefore guarantee summer long employment and up to $10,000 for any one who participates in Ceremonial Guard.

New recruits can also participate in Ceremonial Guard! Join now, public duties positions are filling quickly!

Please continue to read our website for more information. If you would like us to contact you to start the joining process please contact us. If you still have some questions, consult our FAQs

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